Three in one plus

I was the bottom reserve guy on both the 10 and the 74 and had been called down on my 90th day of losing my 727 quals for landings. Swede from scheds called and said go on a turn to DCA and back. Smooth as silk was I until landing when the copilot started laughing saying.."damn, Bruggs, you're going to touchdown in BAL." It felt like I was going to scrape off my tush. No radar alerts like the big boys...almost forgot stick and rudder is required. That was followed by a whale to ORD on a turn and finished with a 10 to Tampa and back. As I told the negotiating committee the company dearly would love that move up down pay deal  and this proved my point in spades. This would never be allowed by the

FAA today...  and since I did not log 3 ldgs, I permanently lost my 727 qual. Any line pilot top this?    Roger Bruggemeyer 

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