Airport-the movie

In 1969 I was demoted from B727 captain to B707 copilot after the BRAC strike. Crew Schedules in MSP was in the hangar next to the GO with dispatch above. I had just finished the flight plan to the rigorous standards of Captain Bob McClellan and decided to visit the Men's Room.

At the time the movie Airport (1970) was being made at Lincoln International Airport (MSP). It involved among other things a Global Airlines B707 stuck in the mud during a terrible snowstorm. Fortunately, Joe Petroni (George Kennedy) was able to get it free. 

While I was in the Men's Room in walk Dean Martin and Burt Lancaster both of whom starred in the movie. 

My claim to fame is that I saw them both at the urinal, although I didn't have my smart phone to take pictures!

I understand that Jaqueline Bisset was in the Ladie's Room at the same time although I cannot confirm that. I could tell you more, but it is classified, and my lips are sealed.

Way back is down,

Bill Barrott

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