B.J. Molé  Anecdote

Flying from DTW to PHL on a nice day on the 757, I was checking our meteorology department product closely (as I usually do).  I noticed that Danny Sowa's crew had indicated a frontal passage just a few minutes prior to our arrival (little alphabet character map profile on the old dot matrix printers) . The wind change went from easterly  (they were using 09 on ATIS) to westerly. So, knowing how accurate the wx gang is in MSP, I told approach on initial contact that we were requesting RWY 27, that they were going to have a wind shift prior to our landing. No problemo, they gave us a downwind. Turn to final, landing went well. Oh, by the way, we landed into a westerly headwind.

Now, that day, we had an offline commuter pilot on the jumpseat. After we parked, the commuter pilot told us that he had never seen or hear of pilots anticipating a wind change and asking for a runway change from approach/tower. I told him it was an everyday occurrence at NWA because of our excellent metro department. [A little bullshit there!]

And, so it goes… Use it, edite it, if you like.


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