Northwest Airlines Lockheed Electras 1960s

   The Lockheed Electras had all been grounded due to an O-ring on the door gaskets or something like that. I am not really sure.

   Modifications had all been made but the flying public was too fearful and refused to fly on the Electras.

   So, NWA employees and their families all boarded the Electras and went for a trip unannounced. The placards describing the aircraft had all been pulled from the pockets on the seat backs. But kids and wives who were all familiar with NWA aircraft: we all knew we flying on Electras. The seat configuration and the sound of the aircraft gave it away.

   We did not know where we going, we just went. And we all got somewhere and we all came back. After all it was our Dads and some Moms. Back then NWA had Flight Engineers/IAM. My Dad was one. But it did not matter what they did – just go for a trip on some plane, without the pocket placards. Safe.  

   I miss you Daddy. I miss NWA.

Debra S Stomberg, a NWA daughter   

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