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A most interesting fellow.I met Bill in 1966 we were both second officers on the 720,320 Boeings and neighbors to boot.Bill had something in common with almost anyone..he played the guitar, sang funny songs,was a consummate gardener.stamp collector,rope trick artist,with a spiel togo with it,He and I fenced with foils,rode bikes and flew light planes which he called “bug smashers”.Bill was a good stick and a flight instructor.One day he said to me “On my tombstone I want it to say”This SOB could fly an airplane”.Later in life he became a fencing instructor and developed several champions.He was one of the first to introduce Wygu cattle to the US,and owned and trained a champion Quarter horse.Hypnotism was another hobby as well as medieval history and chiropractic arts.As an example of this…On a Seattle layover Bill met me at the hotel and took me north to see his farm. On the way he noticed that I was rubbing a sore neck.He said “I’ll fix that when we get to my place “.After looking over his new land,he stood me up against a wall ,gave a quick twist and voila my pain was gone. But one characteristic quality of Bill was the ability to convince any one of something that was certified bull shit.As an example:He was in Des Moines WA driving down the road when he spotted a Chiropractors office.He went in and told the office lady that he needed an L5 adjustment.Her reply was”We don’t do anything without an X-Ray.” Bill countered with “You don’t understand I’m a Chiropractor also”.In that case “Go right in”.Dr. Kullman explained to the real doctor that he needed an L5 adjustment.The doctor put him on the table and gave the adjustment.Then the Doctor asked Bill to give him an adjustment.”Sure hop up on the table”.Bill gave the doc an adjustment and of course no charges were made in either case (professional curtesy).The awkward part came when he saw the doc at the grocery store.”Doctor Kullman” Reply…"Like to chat but I’m in a bit of a hurry.”Bill was also very generous his step father Slim Coates was a Rodeo cowboy and trick roper.Bill gave me his belt and buckle whichI still wear today.

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