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CLEANING THE TUBES (Heart Arteries) by Dave Williams, retired NWA 400 capt.

Five years ago, I had a near death experience with Calcium clogged Heart Arteries.  Two stents kept me alive, but the diagnosis was that I had so much Calcium blocking my four major arteries I would probably die from the blockage within 2 years.  Instead a little research found a vitamin that actually removed the calcium plaque and today my Heart Arteries are clean.  The Vitamin K2 as MK7 is sold on Amazon and I have no financial connection with any of the dozen supplement retailers selling the Vitamin on Amazon or elsewhere.  Not only did it clean my arteries it also cured my Kidney Stone problem.  If you get nothing else from my story, go get a Calcium Score. It is a special X-Ray not a blood test.  A cardiologist will read your x-ray film and give you a report of how much of your arteries are blocked by calcium and if you have any blockage, the doctor will predict your chances of dying from a blocked artery in the next 2 years.   Do it soon.

My story starts on a golf course.  In Pennsylvania we have some excellent golf courses and my sons and I enjoy getting out whenever we can and enjoy them.  But one day about 5 years ago I was playing with my youngest son, Jeff, and we were at the 17th hole.  I had been hitting the ball pretty good, it was a beautiful day.  Any day playing golf with one of my sons is always a beautiful day.  I hit my drive and the golf ball dribbled about 30 feet.  I thought I had hit it really hard.  So, I teed up again and swung with the same result.  I had no pain but suddenly felt funny.  No other way to describe it.  I told Jeff that I was just going to ride the cart, but he should finish his game.  He did and then we drove the cart to the car to put our clubs away.  When I picked up my bag to toss it in the back of the SUV, my chest felt as though there were a million tiny needles inside.  Strange.  I carried aspirin in my golf bag and in my car, so I took an aspirin and we drove home.  At home I laid down and my wife placed a cold washcloth on my head. Thirty-minutes later I felt fine and took a shower and we all went out to dinner.  No more prickly feeling until the following Saturday.

The next Saturday we had come home from a Township party and were preparing to go to bed.  As I pulled back the bed covers, I suddenly had the same funny feeling.  The million tiny needles were in my chest again.  Connie suggested we go to the hospital and we did.   At the ER they gave me another aspirin and then EKG, X-rays, Blood test, everything to see if I was experiencing a heart attack.  I passed all the test, the Needle Sensation faded away and with no evidence of anything wrong, the ER doctor sent me home.

The Golf game was on a Saturday, the first trip to the ER was on a Saturday, so on the next Saturday, near midnight, everything came back.  Needles in the chest but this time there was some light pain in my left arm.  Halfway to the hospital pain began rising in my neck.  At the ER there was a different doctor on duty, Dr Anita Kane who had been a nurse on the Cardio Ward before going to medical School.  They ran all the test again and then Dr Kane gave me her diagnosis which went something like this.  “Dave, we ran all the test and you are not having a heart attack, But I think you have a block in one of your arterial arteries and if I send you home you will die.  That was an eye opener.

In the Cardio Ward at 3 am I was told we had to wait till 7:30am for the heart surgeon to arrive to take me in the Catherization Lab to check for a blocked artery.  One of the non-surgical cardiologist from the group my cardiologist was aligned with came to my room and sat at my bedside with my wife and I waiting for the surgeon. The cardiologist told me to be very still, no movement.  He also thought I had a major blocked artery.

Two other more desperate heart patients went before me into the Cat Lab and I went in around 11:00 am.  The Surgeon, Dr Lewis, inserted a plastic sleeve in the artery at my wrist.  Then he threaded a small device up the sleeve inside a chamber of my heart.  He then sprayed some fluid that showed my LAD artery (also known as the Widow Maker) and gave a little whistle.  He turned the monitor around, so I could see it and sprayed some of the fluid, so I could see the block.  Dr Lewis said I was lucky to be alive.  “Usually with a block this big the person dies instantly”. You can look it up on the internet at WebMD. Look at “problem: Blocked LAD” and the symptom is “sudden death.” The monitor he showed me where a lesion (like a large pimple) had grown in the arterial wall under some solid calcium plaque.  When the lesion was ripe it ruptured through the calcium plaque and stood as one big glob of puss blocking my artery.  The surgeon said that my strong heart was causing the wad of gunk to bend allowing a live saving amount of blood to flow past the blockage.  

He then loaded a skinny balloon on the end of his catherization tool and pushed it into my heart again and when I was on top of the ball of gunk, he inflated the balloon.  The inflated balloon pushed the gunk into the calcium lined wall of my central heart artery. When he inflated the balloon, I felt it, major pain in my neck and left arm.  It only lasted maybe 3 seconds then he re-inserted the balloon into the same artery and when he inflated the balloon again, he pressed a wire mesh stent against the puss anchoring it to the arterial wall.  He had to do this twice.  After observing the flow through the now mostly clear artery, he pulled the tool out of my artery.  While he did all this, we had a conversation about plaque, cholesterol and statins.  

While Dr Lewis was practicing his medical talents we talked.  I asked if Statins would have prevented the Calcium block.  He said that most arterial blocks were calcium not cholesterol.  And, there was nothing I could take that would remove the calcium.  Nothing.

The next month my good friend, Al (retired Air Force non-pilot) had a similar problem and 6 months later my brother-in-law was rushed to the hospital for emergency catherization, two stents.  We went looking for a way to remove calcium from our arteries.  NIH is the U.S. Govt National Institute of Health. NIH maintains a library of medical studies from all over the world.  Searching for a study that addressed the Calcium block problem, we found two.  The first has had some notoriety and is known as the Rotterdam study.  You can find it at:

The second study is from Poland and is:

They both say we are missing a critical nutrient, Vitamin K2, and that is the cause of weaker bones, dental disease, and Calcium Plaque in our veins and arteries.  The studies say Vitamin K2 comes from grass fed cattle and chickens meat and eggs plus some cheese.  Both studies suggest we use supplements available at most health food stores.  I found at least ten retailers of Vitamin K2 on Amazon.  The MK7 version of Vitamin K2 stays in our system longer so says the studies.

Both studies also say that Vitamin K2 is not a coagulate like Vitamin K, they are different molecules.

Passing Kidney Stones is a Kidney Calcification problem.  Eventually it will destroy your kidneys.  From the first month I began taking Vitamin K2, I have not passed a kidney stone and I have been stone-free for two years now.  And I feel great because it also removed calcium from soft tissue that had been causing pain that was mistaken for arthritis.

Read the reviews left by other users of Vitamin K2.  There are a lot of amazed people who have found that cleaning the arteries and veins has solved many problems.  Give K2 a 3 month try, 2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening.  See if it improves your life.

If you get nothing else from my story, go get a Calcium Score. It is a special X-Ray not a blood test.  A cardiologist will read your x-ray film and give you a report of how much of your arteries are blocked by calcium and if you have any blockage, the doctor will predict your chances of dying from a blocked artery in the next 2 years.   Do it soon.

I am going to try and upload a copy of a picture from my last calcium score.  My two stents in my LAD heart artery show up bright and clear above the cross section of my back bone.  If I had calcium in my arteries as I did before taking K2, there would be no gap between the two stents.  My heart arteries were severely blocked.  No more, my arteries are now clear.

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