Letter from Paul Soderlind Memorial Scholarship Winner- Noah Sattler

My name is Noah Sattler, and I was a recipient of the Paul Soderlind Memorial Scholarship in 2016.  I used the funds to study abroad in Italy during the Spring of 2017, where I performed research on the Italian banking economy's non-performing loan bubble.  I presented that research as part of my Honors Capstone Research Project at Benedictine College's "Discovery Day."  I just wanted to send an update to those who were in charge of selecting the scholarship recipients, and this is the only method of contact I could find.  If you are able, please forward this to the selection committee!

My studies and research abroad gave me an amazing experience that was definitive for my future career, and I'm very thankful for the stipend that made it possible.  I recently accepted a full ride offer from the University of Minnesota Law School, where I hope to study constitutional and business law.  While abroad, I learned much about the privilege we have to function in a market economy governed by a relatively free and stable political system (as compared to other countries in Europe, including Italy).  The individuals I interviewed and experiences I had proved just how much I am passionate about preserving the integrity of the United States' political and justice systems, and I am excited to see where my career progresses. 

Again, this experience was only possible through your generosity, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity it gave me.  If you are at all interested, I attached my presentation slides and speaking notes; unfortunately the presentation wasn't filmed.  The website for the Discovery Day program is here: https://www.benedictine.edu/academics/special-programs/discovery/index.  Thank you so much for the opportunity this scholarship has given me!

Best regards,

Noah Sattler

Bachelor of Arts in Economics and English, Benedictine College

(651) 373-5356

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