May 13, 2021

Journal Entry by Kimm Viebrock — 2 hours ago

Clint has now been back at the Denver condo for a week and, while he and Susan are still getting some elements figured out as they settle into new routines, things have mostly been good. Kjerstin and Greg were able to help out with some important prep work needed to get Clint home, then Kjerstin stayed for a few more days to help with the actual transition while Greg continued his journey west for summer ski coaching. 

Clint and Sus have been doing impressively well on their own since Kjerstin left to back to Pittsburgh early Tuesday, though there certainly have been some interesting periods this week.

Healing is still tough work and so Clint rests a fair amount - though with Kjerstin’s help, Clint started out early with a morning routine to keep him moving and motivated.  In addition to regular physical therapy work, Clint has gotten pretty good at hauling himself up the stairs (and back down again) to go spend some time outside on their deck - it’s tough to beat exercise that involves such a nice reward! 

Thanks so much for your continued support. It means so much to all of us.