Moderna Vaccination

On January 16th, myself, along with my wife, 2 close friends and 1200 locals received the first Moderna Covid 19 Vaccinations. The opportunity for the vaccination did not come from a Federal Government  program or the local Health Dept or even the local hospital. The Jamestown S’Klallam tribe received the doses and orchestrated the delivery.

It is one of the most self-sufficient tribes in the nation. Its contributions to the local society are many.

They notified the town of Sequim, WA (the Geritol Capital of the World-if you remember Geritol you are old) that they had enough vaccine from Moderna for 4k doses. The target for the first doses went the 1A group, essential services. 1B went to those originally over 70, Since I turned 78 on the 5th, I was included in that group. My wife is 70, ( I robbed the cradle) she was eligible. The restriction was change later to over 65. Two best friends qualified and they decided to join us.

The first day was the 14th. We sauntered over to the site, start at 9a, arrived at 8a. Only to find the line was over a mile long. We noticed that some people were leaving the line and the odds for us were good. NOT!

The police stopped us before we got in line and said the 600 doses scheduled for the day were going to be gone by the time I reached the tent. So, we left, not before finding out that the build of the line started the night before at 9p.

The next day for vaccination was Saturday the 16th. Sitting in line, in a cramped car for over 12 hrs, did not appeal to us. Being a former 747 driver, and taught to think a head, I formulated a “brilliant” plan.

The holding street was next to a shopping center, which was a quarter of a mile from the staging area. I had just pulled my 34 ft motor coach out of storage for repairs. The plan was to arrive at 7p and get the car in a side street and wait for the 9p running of the “demolition derby” at 9p. Goliath, as I call my motor coach, was parked in the shopping center with its generator running.

Once the line started to move we were able to squeeze in and ended 40th in line. The rules were one person had to be always in the car. They patrolled to make sure. We would alternate and all of us got to sleep and eat.

At 8a the Jamestown physicians came around and had us fill out a questionnaire and check if someone might have an allergic reaction to the vaccine. One of our friends did and that placed us in another row for the procedure. We were the first to be placed in that row which allowed us to leapfrog the other 39 cars.

FYI…If you or some else has had an allergic reaction to injection, you must notify the doctors. After the vaccination, the put you in a holding section (reminded me of DTW) and we waited 30 min before we were released to go our merry way. 13hrs and 30 min later we were headed home.

During the interview process we were given completion of the first vaccination cards. These allow us to return on Feb 13th for the second shot, Get priority for the second shot. Priority is a nebulous word; therefore “Goliath” will be standing nearby.

If this had been left to the city, county, or state and least of all, to the federal government, we would still be waiting. This by far was the most orderly administration of the covid vaccine in the state. We are the first. 

Go out enjoy the poke…..So far….. no reaction to the shot.