Gene Lee Glenn

Gene Lee Glenn

1939 ~ 2020 

Obit Photo Gene Glenn Gene Lee Glenn, age 80, of Trussville, Alabama, died at home on September 25, 2020. Gene "Slatz" Glenn was born on November 12, 1939, in Trussville, Alabama, to George A. Glenn, Sr. and Jean Searcy Glenn. He attended Hewitt High School and was graduated in 1958. He married his high school sweetheart Patricia Ann Needham Glenn in 1960. In 1962 he was graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Having also completed the USAF ROTC program at Auburn University, he was commissioned in the United States Air Force.

     In 1963 Gene graduated from USAF pilot training and thereafter assigned to duty as an Instructor Pilot at Craig Air Force Base at Selma, Alabama, instructing in the T-33, T-37 and T-38 aircraft. In 1968 he separated from active duty and was hired by Northwest Airlines on April 08, 1968. During his NWA career Gene and flew the Boeing 707 series, 727, 747 and Douglas DC-10 aircraft, retiring as a Line Check Airman on the 747-200 in 1999. He logged over 20,000 flight hours and over nine million miles traveled.

Gene was a lifelong member of the Trussville First United Methodist Church and a forty-year member of the Pioneer Sunday School Class. He was a longtime Mason in the Georgiana Davis Lodge in Trussville.

Gene is survived by h is wife of 60 years Patricia; his son Stephen B. Glenn, his daughter Sharon G. Orr, and his son David J. Glenn; Grandchildren Jonathan, Paul, Samson, Elizabeth, Emmeline, George and Arthur; and brothers George A. Glenn, Jr., William B. Glenn , Robert S. Glenn. He is preceded in death by his parents, George A. Glenn, Sr., and Jean S. Glenn, and by his sister, Glenda Gay "Sister" Glenn.

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Robert W. Dickson

Robert W. Dickson

1937 ~ 2020

Obit Photo Robert Dickson Captain Robert ‘Bob’ Dickson passed away on July 04, 2020 at age 82. His wife Jeanne was at  his side. Jeanne mentioned that July 4th was their favorite holiday, so leave it to Bob to go out with a “bang!” Bob had a series of health issues in the last few years, Parkinson’s, and pneumonia were the official cause of death.

   Bob was born to William Lucas and Dorothy Dickson on September 27, 1937. His father was well known for writing the Probate Code for the state of Oregon. He is survived by his older sister, Barbara Bell (Ross), his son Robert W. Dickson Jr, and nieces, nephews, and cousins.

   Bob grew up on the lake in Lake Oswego, Oregon. He loved boating, water skiing, and swimming. Bob played high school football and winters found him on the ski team on Mt. Hood. He continued with the ski teams at the University of Oregon, joining the ATO fraternity and graduating with a major in Economics. He chose Air Force ROTC in college, explaining that he joined so he could fly instead of having to march in the Army.

   After graduation Bob reported to Lackland AFB, TX for preflight training. Following preflight Bob was sent to Craig AFB, AL for (UPT) with the renown USAF Class 61-D. Upon earning his Air Force silver wings, Bob was assigned to SAC for B-52 training. He received his ‘check out’ and weapons training at Castle AFB, CA and was sent (PCS) to a permanent squadron at Fairchild, AFB, Spokane, WA.

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Walter 'wallly' Piszczek

Walter ‘Wally’ Piszczek 

1936 ~ 2020

Obit Photo Wally Piszczek3

After enduring a 3-year take-off delay and an extended taxi to the runway threshold - Captain Walter J. Piszczek was issued his final departure instructions and cleared for takeoff on his eternal flight westbound. Walter departed peacefully from his family home at "Bethania Mineral Springs" in Osceola, WI. He was age 84.

   Wally settled into Retirement on his rural St. Croix River Farm after a thirty-year career with Northwest Airlines leaving the left seat of the 747-400 for the last time on January 14th, 1996.

   Wally's professional accomplishments throughout his life are legendary. From his exploits as a Naval Aviator, Aeronautical Engineer with NASA and Astronaut Candidate, Gemini 7 & 8, Apollo 1 Launch Preparation Engineer, William Mitchell College of Law Degree, Member of the Minnesota State Bar, Senior Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Osceola Village Board Trustee and a valued Member of the Osceola Airport committee.

   On the farm - Walt was a skilled machinist, welder, and woodworker – Wally's driven work habits were unmatched in his desire to create and build systems that were meaningful to him – and to his hope – others. He could be found building boats, airplanes and developing his wind power project even welding artistic sculpture in his Barn/shop while listening to Twins games or classical music. Captain Walter was a man of extraordinary personal and professional accomplishments that were only exemplified by how he conducted his life – with hard work, dignity, courage, and humility. Wally the Dad and Walter the Uncle are forever surrounded by the legacy of his extraordinary family - settled all over the world from Osceola to Florida, Great Britain, Ireland, and South Africa. He will be sorely missed, thought of fondly and forever admired in every circle he ever entered.

"The Pennsylvania coal mine was reality for me, I just had to work harder" – WJP - RIP.

(- Nicholas J. Piszczek)


Donald Scott Mackay

Donald Scott Mackay 

1938 ~ 2020


Obit Photo Don Mackay2

Captain Donald Mackay, age 82, passed away on September 8, 2020.

   Don was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1938, the eldest child of Don and Agnes Bennet. They, along with Don's younger brother Paul, moved to Long Beach, CA in the early 40's, where Don's sister Sandy was born. Don's mother later remarried a merchant mariner Frank Mackay soon after Don's youngest sister Jeanne was born.

   Growing up in Whittier, California, Don worked in his father's restaurant where he developed a love of cooking and spent his teenage years building an airplane with his best friend Lonny Hoskins. The daring duo lived on the edge, pushing the boundaries of adventure and relatively harmless mischief, particularly from the vantage and access their home-built airplanes offered. It seems fitting that Don's future career parth as a pilot took him to the Alaska bush where he adverted disasters and walked away from plane crashes more than once over the years. 

   Don flew a Cessna 140, an Aeronaca and other small planes while a student at East Los Angeles Junior College, before moving to Seattle in 1958 to start his aviation career. During his early career Don flew for Alaska Air, Wein Airlines, Cordova Airlines, and variouis Alaska bush operators. While in Anchorage Don met Pauline Reed. They married and had three children; Shelley, Scott and Carrie. During these years Don was also an avid SCUBA diver, earning his instructor level certification and diving (nights included) throughout the Puget Sound and beyond.

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Edgar 'Ed' Kartic

Edgar A. Kartic

1934 ~ 2020

 Obit Photo Ed Kartic 2

  Captain Ed Kartic, age 85, died of pancreatic cancer on August 16, 2020. He was born October 07, 1934 at Brooklyn Village, Ohio to parents Clifford and Julia Kartic. His father had arrived in the United States as a 11-year-old immigrant. Ed’s parents lived on a small farm near the Cleveland Hopkins Airport. His father worked for SOHIO (Standard Oil of Ohio) that funded many of the legendary Cleveland air races. With his father’s connections, the family received special passes to visit the air race flight line and meet air race pilots including Cook Cleland, Tony Levere, Bill Odem and Roscoe Turner, to name a few. Ed recalled NWA pilots Chuck Doyle and Harvey Christianson participating in the races.

   There is no doubt that living near an airfield sparked Ed’s interest in aviation as early as age five leading Ed to take lessons and solo in a Piper J-3 Cub on skis. He earned his pilot’s license before his driver’s license.

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Kenneth Kelm

Kenneth Brian Kelm

1940 ~ 2020

obit Photo Ken Kelm  

Captain Kenneth Brian Kelm, age 80, died from heart failure on July 30, 2020. Ken was born in Urbana, Illinois, on January 9, 1940 to Arnold Waldemar Kelm & Nellie Gaudin (Prince) Kelm. He grew up as an only child, having lost a younger brother Denny soon after his birth. He and his parents lived in Ohio until he was 10 and then moved to Madison, WI where Ken lived for the remainder of his school-age years.

   After two years of college Ken enlisted in the Air Force to enter as an Aviation Cadet pilot with the famous class 61-D. After preflight he was transferred to Bainbridge AB for Primary Flight Training, but for unknown reasons did not complete Primary Training. Ken completed his active duty obligation while pursuing civilian flight training.

   Ken married Sondra Knee in 1961 and during their early marriage the couple gave birth to three children. Early on Ken had a keen interest in Christian missionary work as well as aviation. In the first half of the 1960s Ken acquired his FAA pilot ratings as well as a FAA Mechanic’s A&P license. After acquiring some pilot experience, Ken was hired by NWA on April 11, 1966. Like many of his airline contemporaries of his era, Ken began his NWA career as a second officer on the 707 series, quickly upgrading to copilot and eventually captain on the Boeing 727. During his NWA career Ken flew the Boeing 727, 707s, the 757, the Douglas DC-10, the classic Boeing 747, completing his 34 year career flying the 747/400. He retired in January of 2000.

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