Jerry Pope

Jerry Logan Pope

1930 ~ 2019

Obit photo Jerry Pope

   Captain Jerry Logan Pope, age 88 of Bloomington, MN, passed away on March 23, 2019. He was born May 29, 1930 in Atlanta, Georgia. Jerry was named after his mother, Geraldine Logan. His father, James Soule Pope, was editor of the Louisville Courier-Journal and the Atlanta Constitution newspapers. Like his father, Jerry had a talent for writing. For many years he wrote freelance articles and book reviews. He also read avidly, with favorite writers ranging from John D. MacDonald to Kate Atkinson and, later in life, the poet Emily Dickinson.

   As a child, Jerry loved creating home monster movies with his beloved brothers, Jimmy and Logan. The family moved from Atlanta to Louisville, Kentucky, when Jerry was in high school, and he graduated from Louisvilleā€™s Male High (an all-boys school) in 1947. As a teen, he participated in boxing, coached by his older brother. Other interests he developed in early adulthood included deep sea fishing and skiing.

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