Vernon C. Feeback

Vernon C. Feeback

1941 ~ 2022

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   Captain Vernon Feeback, age 81, died July 12, 2022, some 29 days after suffering a severe stroke. His final departure came at home with his family and beloved dog nearby.

     Vern was born in Denver, Colorado March 09, 1941, to Charles and Helen Feeback. He had one sibling, a brother Larry. Since age five Vern lived near Wiggins, CO. He was an excellent high school student, graduating #3 in his class. Vern had cross discipline talents, e.g., he played football on his high school team and also held a chair as a trumpet player in the band. When not involved in high school activities Vern worked at a local grocery store.

   Vern’s interest in aviation was sparked by a $5 demo flight given by a local Colorado crop duster. While giving due diligence to his engineering studies at the University of Colorado for three and a half years, Vern continuously dabbled in flying as his funds and time permitted. . He studied engineering for three and a half years at the U. of Colorado, all the while dabbling in flying as his funds and time permitted. For Vern acquiring the FAA CFI (Instructor) rating mattered most, it was a ticket toward an aviation career. He worked extensively as an instructor and charter pilot and even as an airport manager in Eastern Colorado before being hired by Northwest Airlines.

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Robert Landkamer

 Robert Landkamer 

1941 ~ 2022

Obit Photo Rob Landkamer

   Captain Robert ‘Rob’ Landkamer, age 81, died June 21st at Southport, North Carolina. Rob was born to Donald and Margery Landkamer February 14, 1941, in Mankato, MN. He was the oldest of five children. It is significant that Rob’s father Donald trained pilots as a civilian flight instructor during WWII.

   Rob graduated from Loyola Catholic School (LCS) in Mankato, MN. While a student at LCS Rob played football and baseball. High school was followed by the two years of college required for entry into the USN Naval Aviation Cadet (NAVCAD) program.

   NAVCAD cadets in Rob’s era started their training at NAS Pensacola. Rob earned his wings at NAS New Iberia Louisiana. His first assignment out of New Iberia was to a S2F squadron at North Island NAS, Coronado, CA. While on active duty, Rob would serve two extended cruises in southeast Asia, the last on the USS Hornet.

   Between his first and second Pacific cruise Rob was to meet his future wife Ina. This was a well fitted match which resulted in a rich and fruitful marriage.

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Haven S. Hill

Haven S. Hill

1939 ~ 2022

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  Captain Haven S. Hill, age 82, passed away on August 07, 2022, shortly after moving to Loveland, Colorado, where his younger daughter lives with her family. The cause of death was an intracranial hemorrhage.

   Haven Hill was born in Duluth, Minnesota to parents John and Vera Hill. He had a healthy upbringing on the Minnesota Iron Range. To know Haven is also to know his wife, Roberta. They were almost inseparable, known to each other since the 10th grade at Duluth Central High School. In the age of sock hops and school dances, the couple started “going steady”. Haven was a good student and a rock-solid athlete in football, basketball, and track. After high school, Haven secured a congressional appointment to the Air Force Academy. In late June of 1957, he entered the AFA class of 1961 at Lowry AFB, Denver, CO. Meanwhile, Roberta began her RN medical training at St. Luke’s Hospital in Duluth.

   In 1957, because the Air Force Academy campus at Colorado Springs was still under construction, Haven began his Academy years at Lowry AFB, in Denver, CO. During his first two years at the Academy, Haven participated in varsity football and basketball. He also underwent the physical move and transition to the Academy’s new facilities at Colorado Springs. Haven was a member of the Air Force Academy’s 3rd graduating class on June 07, 1961; Secretary of the Air Force Eugene Zuckert was the commencement speaker.

   Following AFA graduation, Haven and Roberta joined the many recent graduates in marriage ceremonies, their wedding on July 01, 1961. It is notable that in total they would enjoy 61 years of marriage.

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Wayne Gene Ward

Wayne Gene Ward

1935 ~ 2022

Obit Photo Wayne Ward 002   Captain Wayne Ward, age 87, died unexpectedly in a Minnesota automobile accident on July 27, 2022. Wayne was born on July 3, 1935, to Leslie and Ellen Ward in Vandalia, Illinois, their only child.

   With an agriculture oriented rural Illinois upbringing, Wayne knew hard farm work and early in life developed a strong work ethic. He was a good high school student and noteworthy basketball player. After high school Wayne headed south to Carbondale, IL where he earned a bachelor’s degree in agriculture at Southern Illinois University (SIU). It is noteworthy that Wayne paid his own way through college by doing seasonal farm work. While enrolled at SIU Wayne participated in USAF ROTC. Upon college graduation in the spring of 1957, he was commissioned a 2/Lt. in the Air Force Reserve.

   Fresh out of college, Wayne reported to Texas for USAF pilot training. He enjoyed flying jet trainers, but along the way acquired a unique interest in specialized helicopter training. After earning his USAF pilot rating Wayne reported to Stead AFB, Nevada for 70 hours of specialized helicopter training in the H-19 Sikorsky Chickasaw as well as advanced training in the Piasecki H-21 Shawnee. Thereafter Wayne flew a variety of helicopters with USAF units at McChord AFB and Scott AFB, often flying the H-21 Shawnee, the USAF workhorse. Wayne also served a tour in France, albeit his final active-duty assignment was at Scott AFB, IL. His military connection was separated but not severed.

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Wallace William Waite

Wallace William Waite

1942 ~ 2022

Obit Photo Wallly Waite   Captain Wallace ‘Wally’ Waite, age 80, passed away on May 31, 2022. Wally was born in Logan, Utah April 16, 1942, to William and Lilly Waite. He was the second son with eight older sisters; in effect Wally had nine mothers. William Waite, Wally’s father, was a coal miner.

   Wally spent his early formative years at Dragerton, (East Carbon), UT, a struggling arid mountain mining town southeast of Salt Lake City. His father’s work took the family to Logan, Utah where Wally spent his high school years.

   Wally was a natural student, a born learner, and a gifted athlete. A fact that many of us realized after challenging Wally on the tennis court. As a teenager Wally soloed an airplane before acquiring an automobile driver’s license, a trademark of a future airline pilot. After high school Wally received an appointment to the Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs. Air Force Cadet life did not exactly agree with Wally. Despite good test scores and faculty encouragement to stay, Wally withdrew after completing his first year.

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Raney W. Walbaum

Raney W. Walbaum

1931 ~ 2022

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   Captain Raney W. (Wally) Walbaum, age 91, died at home in Santa Barbara, CA August 02, 2022. At the end of his life Wally was receiving hospice care at home. He went peacefully given he was ready.

   Wally was born January 14, 1931, at Harvey Wells, North Dakota, to Edna (Oleson) Walbaum and Raney August Walbaum. He was the youngest of three children, preceded in birth by sisters Ruth and Dorothy.

   During his high school years Wally lived in Detroit Lakes, MN. He was an excellent student, an Eagle Scout, and excelled as an athlete. "Wally was one of the best three athletes to have ever played at Detroit Lakes, if not the greatest athlete to have played," said 1949 DLHS graduate Sis Olson, also a close friend of Walbaum since they were ten years old. Many senior citizens, long term residents of Detroit Lakes, MN, report that Wally Walbaum was the ‘Track Superstar’ of his time. There is more: in addition to track, Wally Walbaum was also an exceptional basketball and football player. His basketball skills earned him high honors as a season high scorer. The Detroit Lakes High School honored Wally Walbaum (Class of 1949) by admitting him to their athletic Hall of Honor.

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