Allan F. Soverign  

1936 ~ 2023

Obit Photo Alan Soverign

   Captain Allan F. Sovereign, age 86, died on February 09, 2023, in Prescott, Arizona.

   Little is known of Al’s background. We know he was born in Oklahoma and eventually joined the US Air Force. We also know that Al was qualified as an Air Force Navigator prior to attending pilot training. Al and NWA pilot Gary Pisel were assigned to the same pilot training class at Vance AFB. After graduation Al from Vance AFB, was assigned to Mather AFB, CA, a navigator training base flying the T-29 (Convair 240). Al felt this assignment would be great for accumulating flight time.

   More than likely Al probably never anticipated that his twin reciprocating engine qualification would earmark him for a Vietnam assignment flying the C-123. Al shared about a mission into a remote Vietnamese mountain outpost/airstrip. Their arrival was delayed by bad weather for three days, however when they finally landed their much-needed cargo offload of ammo and supplies may have been responsible for saving a company size Army unit.

   After completing his C-123 Vietnam tour, Al was assigned to MATS at McGuire AFB, NJ flying the C-135. During his Air Force years Al married his first wife Diane who died prior to his exit from active duty.

   Al was hired by NWA on November 04, 1968. His first line assignment was as a Boeing 727 Second Officer based at MSP. He followed the standard Boeing 727, DC-10, and Boeing 747 career track. In addition, Al continued his association with NWA flight training (NATCO). At the time of his retirement, he was flying the classic 747. During most of Al’s NWA career years he resided in Northfield, MN.

   The Sovereigns moved to Prescott where Al and Ina built their dream house. The house included a motor home garage and all the extras, including a beer tap by his chair in the den. Since their house was the first on a new street, they got to name the street Sovereign Drive.

   Ina Louise Sovereign, age 88, passed away on December 01, 2022.

   Al Sovereign touched many lives through his roles as a military and airline aviator. He was respected as an instructor/teacher and friend, leaving his handprint on the careers of many.

(~ Bill Day)