Vernon C. Feeback

1941 ~ 2022

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   Captain Vernon Feeback, age 81, died July 12, 2022, some 29 days after suffering a severe stroke. His final departure came at home with his family and beloved dog nearby.

     Vern was born in Denver, Colorado March 09, 1941, to Charles and Helen Feeback. He had one sibling, a brother Larry. Since age five Vern lived near Wiggins, CO. He was an excellent high school student, graduating #3 in his class. Vern had cross discipline talents, e.g., he played football on his high school team and also held a chair as a trumpet player in the band. When not involved in high school activities Vern worked at a local grocery store.

   Vern’s interest in aviation was sparked by a $5 demo flight given by a local Colorado crop duster. While giving due diligence to his engineering studies at the University of Colorado for three and a half years, Vern continuously dabbled in flying as his funds and time permitted. . He studied engineering for three and a half years at the U. of Colorado, all the while dabbling in flying as his funds and time permitted. For Vern acquiring the FAA CFI (Instructor) rating mattered most, it was a ticket toward an aviation career. He worked extensively as an instructor and charter pilot and even as an airport manager in Eastern Colorado before being hired by Northwest Airlines.

Vern’s date of hire at NWA was September 9, 1968. He initially qualified as a Boeing 727 second officer and thereafter 720/320 second officer, the later was followed by an upgrade to 727 first officer (copilot). In these three seats Vern served until able to upgrade to Boeing 727 captain. In the mid-1980s he met Diane Nelson, a native of St. James, MN. The two clicked and married, maintaining a ‘Happy House’ for 38 years.

   The airline career slowly pressed forward to include upgrades to captain on the Boeing 757 (a favorite), Douglas DC-10, Boeing 747 Classic and his final upgrade to the 747/400. Vern packed his flight bag away for good in March of 2001.Obit Photo Vern Feeback wmodel 2

   Diane reports that Vern was “a super teacher as he taught her how to fly their Piper Dakota, earning her a Private FAA license. Vern had a funny, dry sense of humor, resulting in him being a wonderful human with whom to share life. He was reputed to be generous, never complained, his prevailing attitude when faced with adversity was, get up and get on with it. He simply never gave up.”

   Diane’s family-owned river front property near Alberton, Montana which Vern and Diane eventually purchased. Vern delighted in fly fishing, making his own rods and flies with which he fished all the western Montana mountain rivers. When the seasons did not permit fly fishing, he reverted to shooting and reloading ammunition.  

   The last five years of Vern’s life were plagued with medical issues. His ever-faithful Border Collie dog ‘Kimber’ stayed close until Vern’s end. I last saw Vern and Diane at Wayne Anderson’s funeral on the west shore of Flathead Lake in October 2021.

   Vern is survived by his wife Diane, with whom he shared 38 happy years of marriage; his children Greg and Kim, five grandchildren and three great grandsons.

   He will be missed every day.

(- Feeback family and Bill Day)