North Puget Sound Picnic


#1 Ruthie Dumas, Dan Dumas, (?), Ralph Taylor, Kent Sawyer, Marion Sawyer, Paul Becker, Penny and Steve Gutzmer.

#2 Bill Barrott and Bobbi, the winner of the wet tee shirt contest

#3 David and Connie Bowen

#4  Chuck Carlson, JoAnne Aitken, Walt Plimpton, Rex Smith, June Palon, Eileen Halverson, Nadine Bentsen and in the background Gil and Ginny Baker 

#5 The party is over

#6 L-R, Adrianna Houby, Turid Dassel, Bruce Berger, Mike Orecchio, Ron Murdock, Bonnie Murdock, Lorna Higgins, in the background Jens Houby and Bob Higgins.

#7 Adrianna Houby and Turid Dassel

#8 Dave Schneebeck, Carol and Ron Vandervort, Doug Jones, Bill Barrott, and Steve White

#9 Joyce Barrott, Bill Barrott, Steve White, Roseanne Jones, Carol Vandervort, Doug Jones

#10  Bobbi, the winner of the wet tee shirt context. In the past there have suggestions that our group was getting a bit stogy. In response to that we initiated a few new group events, one of which was the ‘wet tee shirt’ contest.





MSP Summer Cruise-2018





Fellingers Service MembersNWA pilots at Fellingerss Funeral

Left to right

 Sam McGlone, Pete Brown, Paul Reyes, Gar Bensen, T.J. Mannion

 Don Bergman, Bob Blad, Roger Grotbo



2018-PHX Party


Jane Chadwick, Jack & Camille Herbst, John & Nancy Bates, John & Diane Andres, Bob & Judy Royer, Dave & Andrea Schneebeck, Cliff Howell, Chane Howard, Ron & Carol Vandervort, George & Connie Morison, Jerry & Sherry Cooper, Howie & Nancy Schwend, Gene & Helen Frank, Terry & Lynne Confer, Doug Jones, Jan Mills, Gary & Barbara Pisel