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Retired Northwest Pilots Association
(May 5, 2019 to May 10, 2019), Astor Crowne Plaza New Orleans French Quarter

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Retired Northwest Pilots Association (May 5, 2019 to May 10, 2019)


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MSY Attendees         May 7,8,9   2019
Last Name First Name
Allmann  Jack & Mary Ann & Corky Black
Andres John & Diane
Armstrong Bruce & Gail Olsen
Aulick Don & Kay Prahm
Baertsch Paul & Patricia
Ball Sheri
Barr Jane
Barrott Bill & Joyce 
Bates John & Nancy
Bensen Gar & Kathy
Bentsen Sterling & Nadine
Boltz Lenny & Jackie
Bredahl Myron & Gayla
Carlson Chuck & JoAnne Aitken
Chadwick Jane & Jennifer Johnson
Christ Ralph & Jill
Confer Terry & Lynne
Daniel Art & Bonnie
Daudt Larry & Lenice
Dolny Bill & Donna
Duxbury Richard & Susan
Ebner Tom & Sue
Eglet Skip & Kathy
Erickson Cindy
Fields Bill & Joan
Frank Gene & Helen
Hallin Phil & Eileen
Henderson  Neal & Carolyn
Herbst Jack & Camille
Hockett Hal
Horning Bob & Sue & Deb Dahl
Hudspeth Jack & Alayne & Ron
Huff Bill & Betty
Jacobson Phil & Andrea
Jensen Karen
Jevne Darlene
Kelley Tootz
Kohlbrand K.C. & Martha
Lachinski George & Bobbi
Lackey John & Claire
Leffel Montie
Leland Howie & Marilyn
McLeod Dave & Pat Rieman
Modders Nick & Sara
Mullen Gerald
Nelick Rex & Kathee
Newton Harold & Shirley
Offerle Kayli & Joan Pastor
Olden Dennis
Oliva Dino & Karen
Palmen Kathleen
Pethia Dave & Katie
Pisel Gary & Barbara
Polgar Tony & Deneen
Prouse Lyle & Barbara
Reinhart Howard & Melinda James
Robins Dick & Mary Ann
Royer Bob & Judy
Russ Gary & Nancie
Sakas Jay & Whitley
Scarvie Susan
Schellinger Tom & Judy
Schneebeck David & Andrea
Scott Earle & Dottie
Simmons Carl & Marilyn
Smith Colie & Karen
Stark Wayne & Kathy
Stears Larry & Mavis
Stephens Ned & Ellen
Thompson Connie
Vandervort Ron & Carol
Ward Wayne & Rita
Watts Kenneth & Susan
Welsh Charlie & NanSea
Williams George & Arliss
Wortman Jerry & Linda
Yates  Rowdy
White Chester & Sandy




DAY ONE:    May 7th

                             9-10 AM Board meeting

                             9AM-9 PM Registration

                             6-8 PM Reception…..St Charles Ballroom

                             (This day can be another day of doing some of the tours listed below by planning ahead and contacting the hotel                         tour desk @ 504-905-3540.  I SUGGEST YOU CALL IN ADVANCE BY AT LEAST ONE DAY TO SET THE TOUR                  UP.

              DAY TWO:  May 8th

                             An OPEN DAY…… Highly RECOMMENDED:  the WWII Museum via Green Trolly line (across CANAL St.) $3 all day use.  We will try to have a group rate set up for those interested.  Let me, Ron Vandervort, know in advance how many in your group want to tour WWII MUSEUM…… me at 360-620-3366 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  On your own this can be a walk in at anytime…… rate vs. regular rate is only a couple of bucks difference.

                             Also:  City tours, plantation tours, Swamp tours, Mardi Gra tours, River tours ets. if you choose not to do WWII.

                                           Call: Hotel tour desk @ 504-905-3540 as much ahead of time to set these up.

              DAY THREE:  May 9th

                             (Here is another day to do some New Orleans tour/visit during the after noon hours…..plan ahead using the hotel                         tour desk and brochures from your Goodie Bag.)

                             8- 10:30 AM General Meeting

                             8- 10:30 AM Ladies Coffee

                             6:30–10:30 PM  Dinner



Recurring Events


The North Puget Sound Retired NWA Aviators meet the third Thursday of each month, except December and July. We gather at the Nell Thorn of LaConner Restaurant, located at 116 1st St. in LaConner, WA. Arriving in LaConner continue west to the Swinomish Channel and turn left at the tee. The restaurant is less than a block on the right. We gather at 11:30. Motor pool transport from the Seattle and Whidbey Island areas can be arranged. Airport pickups are available at Skagit Regional Airport and Anacortes Airport. Other airline guests are welcomed, of course UAL pilot guests traditionally pick up the checks for everyone. For further information call Bill Day at 360-303-6020. E-mail


 Florida Luncheons

Occasional Wednesday luncheons somewhere in Pinellas County.

Not held in long hot summer.

Contact Joe Baron @ 727-771-8261 E-mail