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North Puget Sound

2018 North Puget Sound Summer Picnic

Thursday, July 19th at 1130 PDT




This beautiful setting will be the site of the 2018 North Puget Sound Retired NWA Pilot’s Summer Picnic. We will be on-site and eager to warmly welcome you at 1130 AM, Thursday, July 19, 2018. The agenda this year will be a bit different. The emphasis is to be on friendship and group bonding. This is not intended to be an outdoor banquet. Instead we laying out a BBQ spread, this year we are asking you to bring your specialty dish. We want this to be a wonderful family style pot luck gathering. If we end up with only potato salads, that is just fine. Therefore, we are foregoing the tradition salmon and pork, instead we will all enjoy Skip Eglet’s legendary pea salad along with whatever dish you choose to bring. May I suggest some appetizers would be much appreciated; e.g. chicken wings, deviled eggs, Mongolian pickled pigs feet – whatever you like to share. Claus is sure to come up a keg of primo IPA beer and I am going to break down and tap my treasury of Argentine Malbec wine. I encourage you to bring a beverage of your choice; classic lemonade will be much appreciated. For dessert, I will try to sweet talk the Nell Thorn owners out of some dessert treats.

By now you all have picked up on our goal of de-emphasizing food and emphasizing people. Be prepared to share your home town location with the group. No doubt someone was a service brat and attended three high schools in four countries. To make this social time more user friendly how about bringing along a couple lawn type chairs? I will even bring Charlie Welch’s chair that he left behind last year. How much is going to cost you? Not much. There are some minor expenses that you will be asked to share, plus a few shekels for the reserve kitty to cover gifts and the Christmas party expenses. Your portion will be miscue.

In the past our battle worn worker bees spent days preparing and cleaning up after the picnic. This year they will get a break. We have plenty of cutlery, prime quality plastic plates, napkins and plastic cups left over from previous picnic. Of course we are appealing for some ice chests.

For entertainment: I am looking for someone willing to sing a couple operatic arias, but thus far it looks like we might have to settle for Ken Sawyer singing some Willy Nelson tunes. There are no plans for drawings or raffles. Now if we can only get Marv Peterson to act as our M/C?? Marv’s quick witted humor would be appreciated by all.  

Now do us all a favor and go to your calendar and note the date of the picnic – Thursday, July 19.

This has been rather long winded, but the event planners want to you know that this event is all about you.

Looking forward,

Bill Day

Clerk Typist Third Class

North Puget Sound Retired NWA Pilots (RNPA)



Recurring Events


The North Puget Sound Retired NWA Aviators meet the third Thursday of each month, except December and July. We gather at the Nell Thorn of LaConner Restaurant, located at 116 1st St. in LaConner, WA. Arriving in LaConner continue west to the Swinomish Channel and turn left at the tee. The restaurant is less than a block on the right. We gather at 11:30. Motor pool transport from the Seattle and Whidbey Island areas can be arranged. Airport pickups are available at Skagit Regional Airport and Anacortes Airport. Other airline guests are welcomed, of course UAL pilot guests traditionally pick up the checks for everyone. For further information call Bill Day at 360-303-6020. E-mail


 Florida Luncheons

Occasional Wednesday luncheons somewhere in Pinellas County.

Not held in long hot summer.

Contact Joe Baron @ 727-771-8261 E-mail